Synth-Pop Duo Masha Solo & Rob Ulysses,
Based In Australia

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About Archmage Band

We blend Synth Pop, Chiptunes, Dream Pop, Synthwave, Electronic Pop, and Melodic Techno styles to create an original sound.


So far, we've released over 70 songs on Bandcamp and SoundCloud
+ One EP: 'Tumultuous Disturbance In Time'.
+ One Demo Collection: 'The Bonfire Party (Demo Collection)'.
+ Some albums are in the works as well.

Game Design/Development Related Music

We are working on the soundtracks to 3 major projects: 'Vuhu Island', 'Parallel Tales', & 'The Archmage Band Game'.

Music Videos?

In future you will see videos from us other than the teaser trailers that we've made so far. They will be on our YouTube at 'Archmage Music'.

All of our music can be streamed online for free on
Bandcamp and SoundCloud

Or Tune In to Our Discography Here