Who is in Archmage Band?

We are a duo, and our names are Masha Solo and Rob Ulysses.

Masha plays synth, cello, flute, and piano. Rob plays synth and guitar. We both sing and voice act as well.

We formed Archmage Band in 2013, releasing a demo collection in 2016 as our first foray into publishing music.

In 2021-2022 we released 70+ instrumental songs, 7 singles, and an EP called 'Tumultuous Disturbance In Time'.

Our music blends chiptunes with synth pop, dream pop, game design music and electronic genres of all kinds.

Gear: The Roland Gaia SH-01 is our only synth and we create most of our sounds with it.

We also use the apps Figure & Reason Compact. Our microphone is an AKG Lyra.

Thank you for listening to our music!

Rob & Masha

Meet Masha Solo and Rob Ulysses, the Duo of Archmage Band